Sunday, February 9, 2014

Trent's Exhibition

A report from Ryan, who attended Trent's Exhibition. Trent is planning a fundraiser of swimming activities that will raise money for Friends of Michigan Animal Rescue.

Trent showed his audience a project in the making, giving us the rationale for his project and what he would be doing. He spoke about FMAR, which is an animal shelter operating for 10 years. He kindly opted out of showing us his entire 28-minute video, as he felt it was a bit long. The video began with some music, so kindly defined as Dora/Mario/Tropical music. The video is about a group (DRC, or Downriver Rescue Connection), that interviewed people at FMAR, which stands for Friends of Michigan Animal Rescue.
His project was to create a pool fundraiser, by renting out the pool, with activities, concessions, etc. The money raised would go straight to FMAR, who would spend it on food and medicine for animals.
The audience was totally captivated by the mass amounts of cute little animals featured in the video, up to the point where they were asking “Can we see the doggy?”.
After the audience saw the video, along with some nice side additions from Trent, they received a small ten-question test from Trent OH NO! This prompted some discussion of the facts around animal abuse and rescue in the United States.
Learn more about FMAR at http://www.fmar1.org/home0.aspx.     
Exhibition Fact! Did you know that 6-8 million dogs and cats enter animal shelters a year!
Word of the Day: TNR = Trap, Neuter, and Release.

Thank you for reading about Trent's Exhibition!

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