Saturday, February 15, 2014

Nico's Exhibition

A few notes from Margaret, who attended Nico's Exhibition on Neanderthal DNA.

Nico taught a lesson on Friday morning to me and the other sixth graders. It was good in that it was hands-on, but we felt like it could have used something... visual--like a slideshow. 

The second one, his Exhibition after school on Friday, was good in the fact that it was visual, including a slideshow on Neanderthal's DNA and where they lived. We felt like it could use something... more hands-on. The Exhibition could also maybe have used a paper, or something to test us with. 

Nico knew a lot about the topic, and it was fun to hear him share what he had learned and what he knew. I learned a lot about where Neanderthals lived. I didn't know that people thought they had been killed off by our species of human, and I didn't know that scientists think now that they just mixed together.

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