Monday, February 10, 2014

Isobel's Exhibition

A report from Sydney, who attended Isobel's Exhibition on identity theft.

Here are a few notes and pointers.

A chart showed that people ages 18 to 29 get their identity stolen the most. People under eighteen have it stolen the least. That age is when most people in our society leave home.
  • Cut up your credit card before you throw it away.
  • Your social security card should be kept locked away.
  • Beware fake web sites, fake lottery wins, and people asking for money online.
  • We played a phishing game that tests users' knowledge of online scams.
  • Detective Tacy at the AAPD shared a long form that you can fill out if your identity has been stolen online. He was a wonderful resource with on sense of humor.
  • Never use an easy password. Change them often.
  • Isobel made a great pamphlet defining identity theft is and how to avoid it.

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