Thursday, February 13, 2014

Jianmarco's Exhibition

Here is a little report from Lily, who attended Jianmarco's Exhibition.

Jianmarco’s Exhibition was titled A Totem Pole for Summers-Knoll.

Jianmarco first explained that his Identity project was making a totem pole. He explained in detail what a traditional totem pole looks like and compared it to our non-traditional totem pole.He explained the process of how he is going to do his totem pole, with examples of the words the SK kids and adults came up with and the animals that went along with them. We were all very enthusiastic about this.

Jianmarco passed around a ‘mock-up’ which he explained was a sort of first draft. I really liked that we got to see what he had done and feel and look at the materials he had used. He answered questions with confidence and was very clear. He seemed to know a lot about what he was talking about and had examples to go along with his answers. He helped everyone’s understanding of things by comparing our SK totem pole to a traditional totem pole.

After he had given us a load of information and we had learned a lot he explained our activity. He had handouts to help do a very fun and exciting activity. We had to cut out animals which had a personality and make a totem pole with them. We all got very excited about this and came up with different ideas of how our our totem pole whould look. Everyone was very excited about this. Then we had to write where we would put the totem pole. Everyone was very thoughtful about this. Overall Jianmarco’s exhibition was a success and very fun.

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