Friday, February 7, 2014

Denali's Exhibition

A report from Trent, who attended Denali's Exhibition on tools of identity and the mural she's painting to illustrate them.

Denali talked about the past, present and future of identity tools.

These include fingerprints, dental records, eye identification, and facial identification.
A new system looks at the face and identifies it, using security cameras. Birth certificates, passports, diplomas, and last will and testament documents are also used.

The activity was almost like Pictionary or Charades. You got a card with a photo on it--the Fairy Godmother, the Red Queen, etc--then put it down and then acted like the the person in the picture. Your partner had to guess who you were.

Denali also talked more about the mural,showing it to us and answering questions about the imagery she chose. She allowed us to put a handprint on the mural.

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