Monday, February 10, 2014

Lily's Exhibition

A few notes from Maya, who attended Lily's Exhibition on detective work. Lily's project was a four-lesson unit on that subject, which she taught to Elaine Neelands' first & second grade class.

Lily’s exhibition was a blast. Her topic was detectives. She focused a lot on fingerprints, finding leftover hair from the criminal, and footprints. Lily not only taught the audience who came to her exhibition, she also taught the children from Elaine’s class about detectives and how they find their criminals. Lily had some of her classmates take pictures while she was teaching Elaine’s class. At her exhibition, she presented the pictures. She had a wonderful activity in which you rub oil on your finger, print it on a cup, and then pour cocoa powder on the cup so you could see the fingerprint clearly. Lily then had a slide show which taught her audience more about detectives and their work. In that slideshow she showed us what kind of fingerprint we all had. At the end, she had a little quiz on her slideshow and we all enjoyed challenging ourselves in the quiz. I think everyone enjoyed participating in Lily’s project.

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