Monday, February 3, 2014

January Big Doings Report, Pt. III

Identity Projectscomplete projects
Identity Exhibitionsrehearse
Athletics & PEplan travel (U of M, Eastern, AAA); identify Ann Arbor school for AAA
Place out of Timeselect character
Lit Publicationsedit explorers selections; decide format; select identity pieces
Work Crewssecond rotation
Americanssingle project (5-8)
Student Gov'tset goals; survey; Robert's rules of order
Detroitdetermine itinerary
Cities Booksselect and begin reading six Cities novels; create coursepack
Spring Tripweb research & calls

This is our tentative itinerary for the Friday afternoon (11:30-3:30) trips to Detroit. We will use these trips to build out the material in the new coursepack, which focuses on the key issues of migration, work, inequality, diversity, and culture. We will do a little video viewing in advance of these trips, with excerpts from the films listed in the right-hand column.

2/7/2014Avalon Bakery1:00-1:30Detropia
Bleeding Heart Art1:45-2:00
D-Hive at Book Cadillac2:15-2:45

2/14/2014Rouge Plant11:30-1:00Henry Ford
DIA (Rivera)1:30-2:30
2/28/2014Ambassador Bridge12:30-1:30Come Unto Me
The kids are well into their readings in the six Cities Books. They created their own reading schedules with the understanding that they need to get all the way through the books by February 14. Some are finished already. Starting this week, they will engage the key questions of the unit through writing prompts, additional non-fiction readings, and projects. The coursepack has also been issued and will be processed in a complementary fashion.

As for the Spring Trip . . . . . We will be heading north to Lake Superior. Details will be forthcoming as soon as we hear back from our friends in the maritime science department at Michigan Tech University.

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