Thursday, February 6, 2014

Mike's Exhibition

A report from Kaeli, who attended Mike's Identity Exhibition on prejudice.

Mike’s exhibition was amazing. He wrote and published a children's book called “Foggy Lenses.” which I thought was cool. It was cool how he had two pictures of himself, one with drawings over it, showing different ways people could see him, and one just him, to show how we see people through our 'Invisible Glasses'. It was just amazing the way he made and presented it. He did a really good job of talking about it with the elementary school kids who also came to his Exhibition.

Here's the opening paragraph of Mike's book.
Every person is born with glasses. Some are visible and some are not. Glasses have two parts: the lenses and the frames. The frames hold the lenses in place. The lenses are the parts that you look through. When your glasses’ lenses get foggy, it is hard to see. When your invisible glasses get foggy, you see people differently, and sometimes in a mean and hurtful way.

You can buy it on Lulu:

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