Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Nik & Maya's Exhibition: Detroit & Dubai

Here are some notes from Jianmarco & Lee.
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D e t r o i t
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Nik and Maya based their Exhibition on comparisons between Detroit and Dubai. They put up a well-designed electronic presentation, as well as a tri-fold with graphs. They went over how Dubai has grown exponentially over the past 25 years, and how Detroit has been rapidly declining in terms of population and wealth. Near the end, they gave us all pieces of paper and we tried to find to our corresponding paper. Examples included a picture of Motown records on one sheet and the words Motown Records on another. Those would be in the Detroit group. There was another set of pictures for a Dubai group and we had to take turns trying to convince Nik and Mayo to move to Dubai OR Detroit. 

In the end, Nik ‘moved’ to Detroit  and Maya ‘moved’ to Dubai. We found that each city had its strengths and weaknesses, and that each would be desirable or undesirable for its own reasons. Nik moved to Detroit because he would be able to stay near his friends and family, while still being part of a new and great community. He also loves cars, and Detroit is ‘Motor City’! Maya moved to Dubai because it is a very wealthy city and has many beaches and wonderful weather. Overall, their Exhibition was fun and informative.

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