Thursday, May 7, 2015

Isobel & Trent's Exhibition: SK Butterfly Garden


Trent and Isobel’s Exhibition started off with a presentation depicting the painted lady butterfly’s life cycle, where they showed us pictures of the painted lady as a caterpillar, as a chrysalis, and finally, a butterfly, with descriptions of how they grow up. A butterfly lays eggs on the bottom of a leaf, when they hatch the caterpillar eats their way out of the egg. A caterpillar sheds its skin three times, before becoming a chrysalis, and eating its way out of the cocoon as a butterfly.


After the presentation we headed outside and discussed the best locations to place the butterfly garden, as well as what plant life would surround it. The younger kids had made little sticks with butterflies on the end for where the garden would be. The fresh air was a nice touch, and when we went back inside, they gave out samples of the butterfly nectar, which was very good!
The presentation was well given, and having half of it outside to talk about the butterflies' environments was extremely helpful. Their answers to our questions were thoughtful and well informed. Overall, the exhibition was very well done, and the project was well thought out.

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