Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Jianmarco & Kaeli's Exhibition: Fibers & Sweat

Here are a few notes from Elizabeth & Isobel, aka Elizobel.

This round of Exhibitions we worked in partners around the theme of transformation. Jianmarco and Kaeli ended up doing separate projects but brought the ideas together in the activity in the Exhibition.

Kaeli’s: Kaeli did her Exhibition on GSR or Galvanic Skin Response and how music affects mood. She made a Prezi and explained about how different types of music affect your mood in different ways. Music in the morning can keep you happy all day or listening to extremely sad music can make it hard to do simple tasks. Activity: Kaeli made a GSR sensor, meant to identify whether the listener was stressed out by thrash metal music, but it was too sensitive (or cynical; it thought everyone was stressed), so she was unable to run the tests. Instead she played different types of music during Jianmarco’s activity.

Jianmarco’s: Jianmarco did his Exhibition on how nature is transformed into commercial products. He built a tree out of cardboard--i.e, a tree product. His presentation had lots of pictures and he explained how trees make paper and how cocoa is made into chocolate. He then passed around chocolate and explained about the process of making paper. Activity: We made paper. We ground up recycled paper and put it in a screen to filter out the water and then Jianmarco’s dad had a paper press so we were about to press and then dry out the paper. This paper was gifted to the third & fourth graders in attendance.

How they tied together: Kaeli played music during the paper making to see if the music would affect the quality of the paper. We were not skilled enough to really tell whether the music had any difference. Our suggestion for them next time is to have each group listen to a different song in separate rooms and then compare the quality of the paper.

Overall: It was an informative and interesting Exhibition!

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