Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Mike & Matthew's Exhibition: Creation Myths

Mike & Matthew reported on their own Exhibition.


This round of Exhibitions, we did our projects in pairs. I was paired with Mikey, and since everybody was supposed to do Exhibitions on Transformation, we decided to do ours on Ovid’s Metamorphoses

Ovid was a Roman poet who wrote a number of books on stories about transformations, and included multiple creation myths. We wrote a paper on one of the stories he wrote (which you can see here), the Roman flood myth. After giving a thorough summary of the story, we compared it to other flood myths, and gave a analysis of our opinions on the story.

In our Exhibition, we performed a creation myth our own making (which you can see here), and handed out a printout of our paper. We then split the attendees into two groups, and had them each come up with a creation myth from the following list: sporks, tables, vacuums, chicken pot pie, zip-lock bags, and energy bars. Once they had written their creation myths, we had them perform them in the puppet theater, using our sock puppets. At the end, we wrapped it all up, and thanked them for coming.

The Exhibition ran smoothly, although we didn’t have very many attendants, because the exhibition started an 8 a.m.

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