Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Karenna & Aristea's Exhibition: Pottery in Five Civilizations

Kaeli and Margaret wrote some notes on this Exhibition. Jianmarco took the pictures.

Aristea and Karenna were interested in ceramics as transformation: clay becomes functional art.

They made eight ceramic pinch pots representing five different time periods and civilizations. They started their Exhibition with having people guess which pots matched which era. Afterwards, Ari & KK opened up a Prezi explaining what pot went with with what setting, and some special characteristics about each. They explained the different styles and materials from Japanese, Greek, Egyptian, and Mayan cultures.

After they explained where each pot came from, they showed the pots they made themselves. On the pot they made, they wrote their names, Karenna & Aristea, in numbers, and had people guess what they wrote.    

IMG_0165 (1).JPG ←  Both Mayan pots

In the Mayan culture their pots were mostly orange, tan, and red because those were the most accessible colors in 900 C.E. Most pots were more individualized than the Greek, because of the stylistic freedom most artists of that era enjoyed.

←Their own pot(s)

There’s not too much of a history behind these two pots, since they were created in 2015. The one on the left is an original piece made by Karenna and Aristea. The one on the right is a flower made by one of the attendees in the exhibition.  

IMG_0161 (1).JPG←Egyptian pots
This set of pots were made to be used as makeup pots in Ancient Egypt. This set is based off a set made around 300 B.C.E. There was some influence from the Greeks. The hieroglyphs on the front show what the pot contains.

IMG_0164.JPG←Japanese pot
This pot is a traditional ceremony pot called Mukozuke. It was ritually used to hold food in ceremonies. It has an interesting squarish shape and almost looks metallic.   

←Greek pot
This Greek pot is a copy of a Skyphos (or wine cup) that came from around 400 B.C.E. The original pot showed an athlete standing next to a statue.

After Aristea & Karenna showed the pots, and had the attendees guess their origins, everyone made their own pots. They used the same type of clay that Ari and KK used for their pots. As they did that, they watched Teen Girl Squad.

If you want to see their presentation, click here.

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