Monday, May 11, 2015

Leander & Elizabeth's Exhibition: What Do Mealworms Like?

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Elizabeth and Lee’s exhibition was about the preferences of mealworms and darkling beetles. They conducted experiments with the first and second graders, and later on in the Exhibition did the same experiments with us. At the beginning of the Exhibition, Elizabeth and Lee had a really nice Prezi which included information on the mealworms and darkling beetles and their different transformations, and also some very cute pictures of the first and second graders working on the experiment. The experiments they did with the first and second graders included identifying preferred foods for both mealworms and darkling beetles, and the light and dark test with just the mealworms. They then conducted the light/dark test with us at the Exhibition. I thought that it was a really well put together Exhibition. I think that most people learned a lot, because Elizabeth and Lee knew all of the information well enough to teach it to us effectively.


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