Monday, May 11, 2015

Margaret & Nico's Exhibition: Gravity Candles

Nico and Margaret's Exhibition was about gravity. Their main topic was about the planets in our solar system and how they formed. They also had a slideshow that gave facts about how the planets formed and how the solar system was made. The spinning of the planet's revolution and the solidity of its makeup combine to cause gravity. Their activity was a gravity machine made from candles. When one side got heavy from all the wax, that side tipped down while the lighter side came up. They also talked about how the equation of gravity applied on Earth. 

F=6.67*10(-11)*(m/kg)2*62kg*~5.9 sextillion/40.69billion. 

That is the equation written-out. F stands for force, G is a universal constant, M1 is mass 1, in this case, me, M2 is mass 2, in this case, Earth, (r)2 is the distance between to object(2), in this case it’s the distance to the center of the Earth(squared). Nico and Margaret did a nice job.
Nik and Trent.

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