Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Margaret's Exhibition: Portraiture

Matthew wrote a little report about Margaret's Exhibition on portraiture.

Margaret's project and exhibition comprised making pencil portraits of each of the seven eighth graders, along with a little paragraph on them. The eighth graders are Kaeli, Karenna, Ada, Margaret, Nik, Lee, and myself, Matthew. In her exhibition, she was teaching the attendees how to draw portraits. To do this, she started by having her attendees drawing portraits of a random face. Then, she taught them about how she drew portraits, with a focus on the proportions of the human face. After that, she had them draw another portrait, to show what they had learned. One thing that Margaret did that helped the attendees was demonstrating drawing a quick portrait on the board.

Here are two of the portraits that she drew for her project:

A portrait of Margaret.
A portrait of Nik.

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