Friday, December 18, 2015

Lindsay's Exhibition: Genealogy and History

Here are some notes on Lindsay's Exhibition from Marcellin.

Lindsay’s project was to look at her ancestors’ history and their emigration from other countries to the United States.  She talked about her family’s travels from Sweden, Italy & England to the US, and passed around pictures of the actual ships upon which they traveled.

Lindsay picked three family members to research.  

In Italy before World War I, her family felt their lives were threatened and they would probably die, and so migrated to America.   Many did not have enough money to send the entire family, so they would get a document allowing one family member to go and start a new life for the entire bloodline.  Once in the new country, the immigrants had the potential to earn enough to bring the rest of their family.

One of her relatives was John Holland.  He fell off the Mayflower, but made it back on board and lived to sign the Mayflower Compact, a community agreement for common living.

Another of Lindsay’s relatives was aboard the first passenger ship from Sweden that arrived in the New World; it was carrying 140 people who were hoping to create a Utopia in this New Land.

For Lindsay’s activity, she had each person fill out their family tree (sample shown below). Then  we discussed the origin of each family member,  talking about where they came from and who they were. Her activity was a great introduction to the theme of immigration.  

IMG_0911 (2).jpg
A portion of a family tree, filled out on Lindsay's schematic.

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