Friday, December 4, 2015

Karenna's Exhibition: Stereotypes in Media

Kaeli prepared a little report on Karenna's Exhibition.

This semester we are doing identity, so Karenna decided to do Stereotypes in Social Media. She created an online presentation and a collage about stereotypes.

Karenna's collage of stereotypes in media
She started off talking about stereotypes with genders, like how “All girls like pink and all boys hate ‘em.” She then went on to the stereotypes vs. bias, giving an example that, if you saw two black cats and one had a torn ear and the other was perfectly fine, you’d probably pick the one the looked ‘normal’.
Karenna’s project was a collage. She decided this because even though she could have done a report, but she decided on the college because it was part of her own identity.
She then went on to 'Gender Stereotypes', how, for example, among other things, women are nice, and work at home. They have long hair and wear pink. Men on the other hand, are angry, work as CEOs, and work out at the gym. She expressed that this is not any kind of universal truth.
After that we talked about 'Racial Stereotypes'. She has said that, since the institution of slavery and the Civil War, the most prominent racial stereotyping is about African-Americans or Blacks. I also noticed that on her college, there was one black woman amongst many white people. This indicates that white is considered 'normal'.
The final slide was about ‘Positive Stereotypes’. She said that these can be viewed as both positive and negative. The examples included the following: Italians are good cooks, Asians are extremely smart, women make good teachers, and men are strong.

We moved on to the activity after that, making collages with stereotypes from magazines......

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