Friday, December 18, 2015

Emma's Exhibition: Making Art from Discarded Materials

Margaret attended Emma's Exhibition. Here are her notes.

Emma started out her Exhibition by setting shoeboxes in front of us. Then she took charge and started telling us about her project.
She told us how she and Evan had noticed good wax on the Babybel cheese being thrown away. The two of them had then started to rescue those bits of wax and use it to sculpt things. Emma told Tracy about this and Tracy gave Emma more, different, multi-colored wax. Emma made a bunch of cats and one girl with that wax. Karl commented on how this was like the Heidelberg Project, in which houses slated for destruction are transformed into art. That’s what prompted Emma's trip into Detroit to interview Margaret Grace, Heidelberg's Education Director and a certified Friend of SK, about Tyree Guyton.
Then Emma told us about how exciting it is to make new things from scraps and why she likes it. Emma then explained that the little shoe boxes on our tables were for: we were supposed to use the scraps inside them to make beautiful creations. That was really cool. Someone even made the CN Tower.

Here is a link to an article on Tyree Guyton on the occasion of his exhibit at U of M.

And here are links to earlier blog posts at our classroom site about trips to Heidelberg.

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