Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Kaeli's Exhibition: Fashion Design

I’m Lee, an eighth grader. This is a blog post on Kaeli’s exhibition.

Kaeli made clothes (a blouse and stencilled jeans, shown above), and wrote an essay (shown below) on how fashion is related to identity. She took three identifying words, elicited from friends, and made clothes based on those. The words were fun, laid back, and passionate. 

She said fashion is your personality. For Kaeli, inspiration comes from everything, such as flower petals. Making clothes is hard--the process of stencilling, painting, sewing, drying, washing and drying again took several days.

For the activity, we all designed clothes based on us, using templates Kaeli passed out. Then, we all put them up on the board, and she commented on them and talked more about inspiration.

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