Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Evan's Exhibition: Civil War Equipment

Gabe attended Evan's Exhibition on how troops were outfitted in the Civil War.

Evan’s Exhibition was very interesting. He taught us about weapons and equipment in the Civil War and how they reflected the North and South. The idea of the ‘ragged rebel’ was especially interesting. That is the myth that soldiers from the Confederacy weren’t as well-equipped as Federal soldiers.

image1.JPGEvan the hit main points very nicely. I was also impressed by his knowledge of his topic. When he was talking he made it easy depict facts which really helped me learn. He answered lots of questions without trouble. Another thing: he was very into his presentation. Not only did use the slides as a companion piece, but he also made them interesting to look at with illustrations.

He ended by showing us pictures and asking us to match the soldier to their rank or role. That was well-prepared and interesting too.

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