Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Karenna's Exhibition: Bad Woman Take Pillow

Hi, I’m Lee, and I’m writing about Karenna Collins-Thompson’s exhibition.

Karenna started off by telling us about her topic, REM Sleep Behavior Disorder. REM Sleep behavior disorder is when your body is not fully paralyzed, which it normally is when you sleep. For example, if you dream about having a fistfight, normally you would not move in real life, because your body is paralyzed. But, if you do not have sleep atonia, which paralyzes you in the first place, you would possibly end up punching someone in your bed, your sheets, yourself, or your cat. She then went on to talk about related conditions, including sleep deprivation (I had less than 7 hours of sleep the night before, and was tired) and showed us a mind map.  

For her project, she made a memory game, which had causes and effects for different sleep disorders, and we had to match them. Her rationale was that memory loss is one of the most common effects of sleep deprivation, so a memory game would be a fitting activity. I did not have a single match at the end of the game. The game was informative, but simple enough for my sleep-deprived brain to play.

Overall, I think Karenna knew her topic very well, thanks to her independent research and help from a professor at the U of M Sleep Clinic. She taught an interesting topic in a compelling way.

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