Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Isobel's Exhibition: What Are Blondes Like?

Hi, my name is Margaret, and I am writing about the Exhibition my classmate, Isobel, did. 

The topic of Isobel’s project was how hair color affects perception of intelligence. At the beginning of her Exhibition, Isobel explained what she did for her project. She had taken pictures of three of her classmates and of our teacher, Karl. Isobel made different copies of the pictures, each with a different hair color. She took the pictures of Karl, Jianmarco, Aristea, and me to the mall, where she asked thirty people something like, “Which of these four people looks the most intelligent?” This is what she explained at her Exhibition. 

She also showed us her charts and graphs she made from her experience at the mall, showing whether people's perceptions seemed to be affected by the hair color of the person in the photograph. There were some differences, although the sample size was too small to draw any conclusions, many interesting questions were raised. For the second portion of the Exhibition, Isobel engaged us in a activity to keep us interested. She showed us the pictures she had used at the mall and invited us to give our opinion. It was a really good Exhibition, and I learned a lot.

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