Thursday, March 19, 2015


The term Vikings doesn't mean 'vicious attackers' or 'Norsemen in fearsome ships' or even 'semi-hapless purple-clad professional football players'. It means 'the people who leave'. Summers-Knoll rang in March by hosting its own team of Vikings in the form of the ISACS Accreditation Visiting Team. Some of them were in fact from Minnesota, but other than that their only resemblance to any of the violent Vikings was that they left.

In this case, we were sad to see them go. The team made a very positive impression on all of us, and I'm proud to say that Summers-Knoll made a wonderfully positive impression on them too. Our kids were real stars. On several occasions, when asked to explain an SK protocol, tradition, ethos, or program, I simply deferred to the students. Twice I set them up with long sessions from which I absented myself.

The seventh and eighth graders made a huge impression on the Visiting Team. From the tours and performances they gave at the opening dinner on Sunday to the inclusive and generous spirit with which they answered questions, they showed SK at its very best. The team even went so far as to formally recognize the students' substantive work, eloquence, and pride in their school. That goes on our permanent record. Well done.

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