Thursday, March 12, 2015

Aristea's Exhibition: Elephants and Humans

Nicolas has some notes for our loyal readers on Aristea's Exhibition.

Aristea’s exhibition was on on the elephant brain, and how elephants deal with grief. 

She showed us a couple videos where elephants came across another elephants' bones and how they dealt with that. They showed grieving behavior like protecting the site. After she showed us the video, she explained that even though elephants are bigger than us, their brains are about the same size as ours. She showed diagrams of the two brains and noted which parts are stimulated during the experience of grief. After she explained that, she split us into two groups. Aristea had made two puzzles: on of the human brain, the other of the elephant brain. She had the elephant-brain and human-brain groups race to get their puzzle done first. 

Overall, this was an incredibly interesting exhibition. GREAT JOB, ARISTEA!

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