Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Lee's Exhibition: the Stroop Effect

Hi, I’m KK, and I’m writing about Lee Hannibal’s exhibition.

He started off by telling us about his topic, the Stroop Effect. The Stroop Effect is a test where you can measure people’s reaction times based on how confusing the visuals are. For example, like writing the word purple, in green ink, like this: purple. They then proceeded to say what color the word was, instead of what the word read. They would record the times of the people who took it to see whether the conflicting information slowed them down. Lee did another variation with numbers: for example, the answer to ‘111’ would be ‘three’.

For his project, Lee took several people from SK aside and tested them with the colors and words test, as well as the number test, and made graphs comparing them: Middle Schoolers, Adults, Males, and Females. He talked about his results with the tests, like how people mostly took longer with the color test rather than the number test. After explaining his graphs, we continued on to the activity, which consisted of taking the Stroop test ourselves.

Overall, I think he knew his topic pretty well, and I enjoyed the presentation of his findings.

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