Saturday, February 28, 2015

ISACS Accreditation Visit

March 1-4 will mark an important few days at Summers-Knoll, as eleven educators from independent schools and associations across the Midwest visit our school. This is part of a thorough seven-year cycle, during which schools like ours write a lengthy self-study, a sort of autobiography--ours ran to about a hundred pages--and then is assigned a Visiting Team to read the document and then visit the school to talk with faculty, staff, board, parents, and kids. The process is coordinated and conducted by our regional accrediting body, the Independent Schools Association of the Central States, located in downtown Chicago, Illinois.

The 7-8s have done a deal of work in preparing for the visit. Some worked with first and second graders from Elaine Neelands' homeroom to write letters of welcome. The entire group will conduct tours of the school for the visitors--they rehearsed these tours on Friday the 27th, interviewing homeroom teachers and practicing their patter. A few are rehearsing two songs from Alice to perform for the team at a welcome dinner. And the entire group did tremendous work in mucking out and rebooting our beloved upstairs space.

If you haven't seen the Skeidelberg display, fully wallpapered Map Room, new whiteboards, meticulously arranged Art Room, never-before-spotless Coat Room, or newly created Headquarters of the Sisters of Compliance, SK's 7-8 Biker Gang, then do stop by the second floor.

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