Thursday, February 12, 2015

Jianmarco's Exhibition: Bad Hand Puns

Jianmarco gives a brief account of his Exhibition on prosthetics.

My Exhibition focused mainly on the field of arm and hand prosthetics. My project was to create an animatronic hand that could be operated in the same way that older prostheses could be controlled.

I began the Exhibition with a slideshow on how the world of prosthetics has evolved and what it takes to make a truly good prostheses.  A prosthetic has to look good and not freak people out, and it has to be comfortable to wear. Finally, it has to be capable of at least some of the basic function that your hand can do. I then moved on to the ground-breaking discoveries that have been made so that the new prosthetics can feel and move without without requiring more than just a thought.

Next we came to MY project.

It is made this way for two reasons. First, the way it is designed (so that, when attached, it can pull from the shoulder and the hand will close) is historically accurate. The second reason is that not all prosthetics are, or have to be, modeled after human limbs.

My activity involved each person getting a chance to try out the arm, attmepting to pick up a cup full of water and see the frustration of not being able to pick something up because it is to slippery or too heavy (especially if you KNOW you could do it with your human hand).

My exhibition ended with many questions and hopefully a great deal of new knowledge.

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