Thursday, February 12, 2015

Elizabeth's Elizibition: Poor Pluto

Adventures in the Kuiper Belt
(A spaceship crash course in planetary politics)

Elizabeth started out by introducing herself (Elizabeth Fenton), her topic (what makes a planet a planet and how did Pluto lose that title), and her project (a scale model of our solar system). She then proceeded to show us an engaging slideshow with information about Pluto and what makes a planet a planet. After that she showed off her model and talked about planet sizes: Saturn a basket ball and Pluto a nerd candy. To finish it off, we had a heated debate led by Elizabeth and judged by Jennifer Ayala about whether Pluto should be a classified as a planet or not.

Even though Elizabeth is relatively new to Exhibitions, she showed that she had a vast amount of knowledge about Pluto, and it seemed that she spent a lot of time researching the topic so she knew it inside and out.

Mike Paskus

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