Friday, April 25, 2014

Aristea and Trent: Earthworks Urban Farm Exhibition

Maya and Lily took some notes on Aristea and Trent's Exhibition, which occurred at Earthworks Urban Farm on the east side of Detroit.

We started off with taking a look through one of the greenhouses. Aristea and Trent told us all about Earthworks. It was very interesting and we learned a lot about how Earthworks helps the city. The farm has been around since 1997. There have been other farms in this area of the city since the 1880s. Earthworks was founded on the principles of a Detroit activist named Grace Lee Boggs. They then introduced us to Denis Rochac and Roxanne Moore, who are the Education Coordinator and the Farm Manager. 

They added some thoughts to the Exhibition about the term 'food desert', which has been used to describe neighborhoods where people can't get to grocery stores easily. Denis and Roxanne heard a speaker observe that 'food desert' makes it sound like those people are living in a total wasteland, which isn't really the case. 

After Aristea and Trent had conducted their Exhibition, we got to do some gardening. We were moving tomato seedlings from small trays to big trays. We all got our hands dirty and had a good experience. We were pleased to hear that Aristea and Trent were going to help us to continue connecting with Earthworks. Overall the exhibition was fabulous.

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