Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Nico and Jianmarco: Kidpreneur Exhibition

Jonathan and Denali made some observations about Jianmarco and Nico's Exhibition. Though the subject of the session was an organization called Kidpreneur, the Exhibition took place at the D-Hive on Woodward Avenue.

The Kidpreneur lesson was inspiring. I know that, for us, it would probably be more interesting if we could participate in the program; but we're too old, since the organization has activities for kids ages 9-13. 

Nico and Jianmarco started out the lesson by telling us about Kidpreneur and how it was founded. It's a new group founded by an entrepreneur named Thanh Tran, who teaches kids coding, the laguage of the future, and how to set up a business. Unfortunately, Thanh just moved the office out to Wixom, so we set up in the D-Hive next door. 

Then we were engaged in an activity through a website called Hour of Code. Hour of Code is basically exactly what it sounds like, a place you code for around an hour doing small puzzles with the code. The Hour of Code is designed for kids to make it easier for them to write code but anyone can use it for practicing code all around the world.

I think we could both tell Jianmarco and Nico spent time on preparing their Exhibition, since I got a lot out of it, even with me not really being not able to participate in Kidpreneur. Thanh founded the group partly because he believed that his two kids were not getting enough information about technology.

We hope that Jianmarco and Nico can continue their relationship with Kidpreneur to teach code to the kids of Summers-Knoll.

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