Friday, April 25, 2014

Mythology Circles

We're doing some work with the sixth graders over the course of the next five weeks. Twice a week, we meet in groups of three. Each group comprises one student each from sixth, seventh and eighth graders (except one, which has one six and two sevens). The six groups are reading mythology from Australia, Brazil, Britain, China, Ghana, and Mesoamerica (modern-day Mexico, Guatemala and Belize).

Between now and May 23, the groups will read aloud together, compose and respond to three writing prompts, and plan a final project which will be on display at a public gathering on the afternoon of Friday, May 23. The seventh graders, who are facilitating each trio's work, will take a few minutes to present those projects and to take questions.

Below is the table of contents from the Mythology coursepack. The Brazilian readings are on pages 6-32; Mesoamerica, pp 33-45; Ghana, pp 46-74; Australia, pp 75-97; China, pp 98-129; Britain, pp 131-180. 

Map of the WorldPublic Domain1
What Is a Myth?Marcia Worth-Baker2
The Angel with Bent LegsAlex Bellos6
Pele the MalandroSimon Kuper20
Tales of the AmazonDaniel Munduruku25
America's First PeopleLarry Gonick33
Mayan HieroglyphsDuiker & Spielvogel36
Popul VuhGoetz & Morley37
Ball GameLarry Gonick42
A Deadly SportDavid Rodriguez43
ZeroCharles Siefe44
How Spider Became . . . . .Peter Eric Adotey Addo46
"We Oppose President Stomach!"Dorliae & Wangboje61
The Ghana EmpireLisa Klobuchar72
Ghana RisesLarry Gonick73
DreamtimeJohn Haywood75
UluruRoff Martin Smith77
Art, Magic & SorceryJohn Haywood80
The Ch'i-lin PurseFang & Lee98
Following the DaoJennifer Oldstone-Moore117
Seven Meditations Lao-Tzu121
The Dragon's TaleDemi129
St George and the DragonJames Muirden130
King ArthurRoger Lancelyn Green131

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