Friday, April 4, 2014

Lily and Maya: Detroit City FC Exhibition

Here are some notes from Aristea and Trent on Maya and Lily's Exhibition, which took place in the front office of the Detroit City Football Club.

First, they introduced themselves and Donovan Powell, who is the general manager of the team. They told us what he is in charge of to clear up any confusion between names and people. They also mentioned that last year Detroit City FC averaged about 1,800 fans per game. 

The history: there are 5 Detroit residents who wanted to expand the soccer community in the city, so, in December 2011, Detroit City FC was started. The first coach was coach Kylie Stannard and the assistant coach was Cale Wasserman. Although due to other obligations they could not stay, the present coach, Ben Pirmann, has had a lot of success. They play at a football field at Cass Tech, which seats 2,500 people, although the most who have ever been at a game was 2,634 (some must have been standing). Last year the team didn't lose a game until the playoffs.

They have a long list of sponsors, including the Detroit Creative Corridor, Nike, and El Guapos. Lily and Maya hope we can collaborate by going to a game, maybe volunteering at a game, meeting some of the players, and other soccer-related activities.

Over all I loved the Exhibition. We played a fun medics-and-doctors soccer game that Lily and Maya made up at County Farm Park after we got back from Detroit.  I look forward to helping Detroit City FC.

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