Thursday, May 1, 2014

Isobel and Mike: Avalon Breads Exhibition

This was the tastiest Exhibition of them all.

After working for an hour at Earthworks Urban Farm over on the east side of Detroit, we drove over to the Cass Corridor for Mike and Isobel's Exhibition at Avalon Breads. They set us up at a table in the midst of a busy afternoon at the bakery/cafe on Willis Street. (On the way over, we passed the Museum of Contemporary Art, where we had gone with Monica a month before.)

Isobel and Mike set us up with delicious cookies. Then someone knocked over Karl's coffee, which spilled all over Aristea, so there was a little delay. Then, while we ate, Mike and Isobel explained that Avalon was founded in 1997 to help brighten up the Midtown section of the city. Several businesses in the immediate vicinity of Avalon hadn't been there when they first opened the bakery.

Like Earthworks, Avalon was founded after some meetings with representatives from the Boggs Center, a social activist group devoted to improving the lives of Detroiters. Avalon's motto, Eat Well, Do Good, reflects their dual mission of social justice and great food. (Food is love, after all.)

Isobel and Mike proposed that we have some SK events catered by Avalon. The chief financial officer of the company said earlier that she liked that idea and that it would be feasible, because Avalon delivers products to Ann Arbor every day. We also hoped that there might be some opportunities for Avalon people to teach baking at SK, or hold lessons that we could organize and attend in the city. However, in spite of numerous invitations, no one from Avalon responded or came to the Exhibition, so we are skeptical about future collaborations.

We are grateful to Denali's father, Budge Gere, for helping out with transportation.

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