Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Maya's Exhibition

Nik shared some impressions of Maya's Exhibition, which asked, 'How do diaspora become permanent?'

Maya’s exhibition was about the African American and Jewish diaspora.

In her exhibition, Maya talked about her family tree, and the connections between her family tree,
utopia, dystopia, and diaspora. It was very absorbing because she gave real life examples from her family of global movements. These included examples of the African American side of her family moving to areas surrounding Michigan. She also kept people involved by having an interesting activity planned for the end. 

I think the music she played also drew people in and started conversations. Her music choices, which traced the development of both diaspora as they became Americans, definitely showed and made obvious the change of pace transitioning between homelands. She wrapped this up by playing music from her own family, representing the present state of the two groups she had researched.

All went very well up until the point in which she presented her activity. I think people might have been distracted by all of the candy that was used in this particular demonstration, as groups placed different types of candy on different states to represent the Jewish and African American populations.

Otherwise her exhibition was a success.

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