Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Isobel's Exhibition

Maya shared some thoughts on Isobel's Exhibition.

Isobel’s exhibition was intriguing in many different ways, but the most interesting thing about it was that her lesson was on a topic that you would think is very simple: twins. 

When you think of twins you basically just think of two siblings that were born at the same time. Sometimes, you think of fraternal or identical twins as well. Before I attended Isobel’s exhibition I was excited to find out what Isobel would talk about in her exhibition since it was on such a 'simple' topic. I wasn't disappointed, because Isobel took the topic of twins to another level. She named and explained varieties of twins that I never knew existed. 

The one that I found most interesting was mirror twins. They are the exact opposite from each other. An example that Isobel gave was if one twin had a birthmark on her left cheek the other would have a birthmark on their right. This was also an unfortunate situation, because one twin would have their heart and organs on the right side and the other twin would have their heart and organs on the wrong side. 

Isobel also compared the way twins are viewed in different parts of the world: China, with its 'one child' policy; Nigeria, where traditional beliefs mingle with modern views; and the US, where she focused on the story of two girls whose bodies are combined (conjoined twins).

Another thing I liked about it was that, sometimes in exhibitions, it's not really obvious that I’ve learned something. After I left Isobel’s exhibition, I knew that I had.

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