Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Jianmarco's Exhibition

Kaeli attended Jianmarco's early-morning Exhibition. Here is her report.

Jianmarco's exhibition was about fictional 'test-tube babies' and real-life genetic engineering. He had some slides explaining what both his topics were. Then he explained how prenatal genetic planning starting to happen in real life, and why. After that, he explained more of what genetic engineering is--working with the existing genetic material that parents pass on naturally, but eliminating genes for things like sensitivity to disease. You can even plan eye color. 

He also showed us a clip from a movie called Gattaca where the parents were telling the doctor what they did or didn’t want their baby to have. Did they want their baby to have no lung cancer? Did they not want her to like flowers? (That is a reference to early training in Brave New World.) After that, Jianmarco divided us into two groups. One group argued that it’s good to have genetically modified people. The other group argued against that. It was an interesting conversation.

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