Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Lee's Exhibition

Matthew wrote a little report on Lee’s Exhibition.

Lee did an exhibition on a game he made, based on the three school plays and a class book. The three plays were Gilgamesh, the Odyssey, and Alice in Wonderland. The book was Icarus Girl. He made a player for each main character, and invented the game rules and abilities. The cards helped players, as characters, maneuver through each other’s worlds, working together to collect treasures.

Lee did a good job running the exhibition, and ran over all the rules before the game. What was going to be the hard part of his exhibition was helping people play the game. We played the game, and although exhibition times didn’t allow us to finish, we all got the hang of the rules by that time. Lee had made the game board himself. For the cards, he had taken a normal deck of cards and written the names of the cards on them.

Lee’s game was well made. I thought he might have included two other characters from books which we had read this year. Although it was too long for the exhibition, that doesn’t make his game any worse. In fact, he could create new versions of the game with different characters, using the same format.

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