Monday, September 1, 2014

Begin Again

This year is so, so, so promising.

I welcome the fourteen seventh and eighth grade students and their families to 2014-15 at Summers-Knoll. For the seven of you who are new to the second floor (first floor, if you're English), this blog is updated roughly twice a week. Please feel free to read anything in it going back to its first posts in September of 2012.

Tuesday will bring our first major assignment--it involves maps, gasoline, and science, among other matters--as well as our first math class, our first upstairs French and Mandarin sessions, the debut of the Coat Room in the Clouds, our first reading from Helen Oyeyemi's Icarus Girl, our first collection, and who knows what other bits of magic and/or insanity.

Wednesday will be our first PE session, precisely five weeks in advance of the first interscholastic athletic competition in the history of Summers-Knoll. That's also the day of the first of dozens of steps onto the SK bus. We'll be headed over to this working lab at the University of Michigan to talk mutations.

Thursday we will continue to build our wall-sized spreadsheet mapping out our plans for the next four months. There will be twenty-plus rows. Ask your kids about each and every one of them. This will also be the first day of Work Crews and the new beginnings of Art and Music class.

Friday we will have an internal retreat while the younger students are at Howell. Among many other topics, we will finish off the leviathan spreadsheet, pass out Chromebook computers, plan our September 22-24 trip to Iowa, get in touch with our many friends in Detroit, and polish off our plot for world domination.

Speaking of Iowa, here's one of those old posts . . . . . 

Let's get started.

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