Monday, October 8, 2012


Something about the trip to Iowa clearly brought out the rabbit in all of us. While there, we ate pounds and pounds of vegetables right out of the ground. Carrots were our particular obsession, but we also sampled chard, radishes, and peppers; there was also some raspberry and basil consumption. (I think a couple of the kids took bites out of raw sweet potatoes and eggplants too, but that didn't work out so well.)

I thought that would prove to be a passing fancy, particularly given the incredible sweetness of those personally harvested fresh vegetables. I was mistaken. We ordinarily have fruit on Monday mornings, but today we were blessed with a tray full of vegetables from Eileen Weiser. There are still a few stalks of celery and hunks of cauliflower left, but the snap peas and carrots have been entirely ravaged.

I can't even credit the ranch dressing, either, though life with three little daughters has convinced me that kids will eat anything associated with ranch dressing, including gravel and arsenic. Most of the dressing on this tray is still there. Maybe someone will drink it all down this afternoon. In the meantime, it's a healthy day.

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