Monday, October 29, 2012

Exhibitions of Learning

o f   l e a r n i n g

This project will demonstrate a sample of what you learned over the course of this academic quarter, and a sample of how you learned it. It is to be attended by your classmates, parents and teachers. Other invited guests may include other family and other SK students, especially fifth graders.

The first is a PORTFOLIO lesson, in which you recreate and/or demonstrate an assignment on a topic you enjoyed over the course of the autumn.

The second is a PROJECT lesson, in which you teach a brief lesson on your Farm-to-Table project.

dates: november 7-9
length: 30 minutes
exhibition schedule

Wednesday, November 7

Thursday, November 8

Friday, November 9

1:30-2:00: taylor

3:30-4:00: jonathan

1:30-2:00: mike

2:15-2:45: evan

5:00-5:30: jianmarco

2:15-2:45: isobel

3:00-3:30: denali

3:00-3:30: trent

4:00-4:30: saul

3:45-4:15: danny

Portfolio lesson

1.       Select a topic. Examples include, but are not limited to: work in math, science, French, Mandarin, Latin, art, music, Gilgamesh, The Red Pony, the discovery of farming..
2.       Show, or recreate, the assignment, explaining to the audience three elements: first, the 5-8 most important facts about the topic; second, the essential characteristics of the assignment you carried out; third, why you chose that particular topic to exhibit.
3.       Great portfolio pieces will include a paragraph of factual writing, a demonstration of the assignment, and a visual support piece (e.g., original art, photo, video, performance).

Project lesson
  1. Produce a two- to three-page paper answering the question posed in your Farm-to-Table topic.
  2. Create a new activity that engages the audience on this topic (examples: artwork, seminar, outdoor assignment, poem, game, dramatic scene, informal writing). No word searches or crossword puzzles.
  3. The activity will engage the most important facts about the topic. When completed, the audience will understand these key facts.
  4. Great lessons will include a brief outline of the 5-8 most important facts, lesson plan, and an audience activity. No word searches or crossword puzzles.

ExhIbItIon lesson plan

What do you want your audience to learn about this topic?
How will they learn it? 
What materials do you need? 
How will you know they learned it?



¨     selections made
¨     exhibition scheduled
¨     invitations issued


¨     portfolio topic selected
¨     first draft of paragraph
¨     second draft of paragraph
¨     copies made for audience
¨     demonstration of assignment (original or recreated)
¨     visual support piece
¨     timed rehearsal of portfolio piece
¨     another timed rehearsal of portfolio piece


¨     lesson topic selected
¨     outline written
¨     first draft of 2-3 page paper
¨     second draft of 2-3 page paper
¨     first draft of lesson plan
¨     second draft of lesson plan
¨     first draft of activity
¨     second draft of activity
¨     materials gathered and prepared for activity
¨     copies made for audience
¨     timed rehearsal of lesson
¨     another timed rehearsal of lesson

all done.

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