Thursday, September 11, 2014

September to December

Here is what we have up on the east-wall whiteboard. This is, more or less, our program for the fall.

Utopia Projectsbegin booksdetermine projectsExhibitions--
Utopia Exhibitions--rehearsefirst week--
Utopia Booksbegin booksbegin reading in pairscomplete readingproject & show-off
Athletics & PEsix-a-side practicesix-a-side matchesfour-school gathering?--
Work Crewsfirst rotationcontinue; shadow daysecond rotationcontinue
Sciencegenetics & biologyevolution & biologyhow magic becomes scienceschedule Exhibitions (Jan)
Lit Publications4-6 prompts4-6 promptscurate for first LP; revisionspublish
DetroitCity FC & EarthworksFriends SchoolHeidelberg?Friends to Alice?
Americans--connect to diaspora----
Student Governmentlame duck sessions; set goalselectionsrevisit and revise goalspursue goals
Journeys Idefine 'journey'; plan US tripsproject & show-off----
Journeys IIbegin maps in arthistorical research--show-off
Aliceget copies; read; composeaudition & rehearserehearseperform
Legacy Projectsbrainstormconsiderdecide and begincontinue work
Tripsvisit Iowasay thanksbrainstorm spring tripdetermine spring trip
High School 101contact alumnipoll eighth gradersshadow daysshadow days
Icarus Girlread aloudfinish----
Keeper----read aloudfinish
Magic Projectsdefine 'magic'--identify projectsset deadlines
Magic Exhibitions------schedule Exhibitions (Jan)
Accreditation--welcome letters & visitthank-you notes--

I'll be happy to discuss this anytime, because there is so much that is so exciting here. We will certainly make it a topic of conversation on Curriculum Night, scheduled for 6:30 pm on Thursday, September 18.

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