Sunday, September 21, 2014

Interscholastic Athletic Schedule

Our six-a-side soccer team, the Summers-Knoll Dragons, will play a four-game season.

Wednesday, October 8: @ Friends School of Detroit.
Wednesday, October 15: @ Upland Hills School, in Oxford.
Wednesday, October 22: we host Friends School of Detroit.
Wednesday, October 29: we host Upland Hills School.

The co-ed roster will be drawn from our sixth, seventh, and eighth grades.

Times and specific locations will be announced by Wednesday, October 1. We will probably play our home games at Lillie Park, and we will probably play at around 1:00, after lunch and before electives. All of that is still being finalized, however. 

It is also possible that we will play a fifth match against Clonlara School of Ann Arbor.

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