Friday, May 3, 2013

Twelve of Them Are Alliterative

After the first round of voting, in which 129 members of the SK community cast their votes, we are down to thirty-two possibilities for the Summers-Knoll mascot. 

Look for the next set of voting materials--the 16 pairs and the voting roster--to be posted on the green wall in the foyer of the building, right across from the front desk, next to all the Hogwarts photos.

The next round, narrowing the field to sixteen, will run as follows:

In the first round, we used an electoral college system. This round is a direct democracy: one vote per citizen. Each Summers-Knoll student, parent, and employee is entitled to one vote.

Students may only vote in the presence of an adult. 

There are sixteen pairs. It’s best to cast a vote in each pair, but you don’t have to. Vote by making a tally mark in the box below the name you prefer. When you have voted, you must cross your name off the voting roster. Voting ends on Tuesday, May 7.

Here are the remaining nicknames in SK bracket:
Caterpillars, Cats, Chipmunks, Dragonflies, Dragons, Flash Mob, Fireflies, Hobbits, Huwawas, Jedis, Kittens, Knaves, Knights, Light Bulbs, Minis, Orcs, Rabbits, Redstone Bugs, Robins, Robots, Scientists, Sea Lions, Skinks, Sneaky Ninjas, Snow Leopards, Songbirds, Spiders, Spiked Lizards, Squirrels, Swans, Tree Frogs and Tweets.

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