Monday, May 13, 2013

Mascot Latest

Here is our Elite Eight, or Excellent Eight, or Elemental Eight, or Egregious Eight.

Sneaky Ninjas
Snow Leopards

This past round was a student-only vote. Each of the seven homerooms chose their favorite eight of the sixteen that started the round. For details on how each class voted, see the posts on the green wall in the SK foyer. It's worth noting that no class was off by more than three--that is, everyone had at least five of the above in their top eight.

Closest to the final tally were Chris' third & fourth graders, who had seven of the eight--they wanted Spiked Lizards instead of Hobbits--and Val's kindergartners, also at seven, who preferred Huwawas to Squirrels.

In the next round, faculty will meet to halve the field once more. After the spring trips, ardent student advocates for each of the four finalists will present their cases in a public forum (time and date to be announced). The only rules: there is a time limit (probably five minutes), and you may only discuss your own mascot, not any of the other finalists.

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