Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Enlightenment Games

Every religion has some means of enforcing good behavior on the part of its disciples. This is one path toward the general objective of Global Citizenship--one that can be tracked back to some of the earliest human remains, which show evidence of burial ceremonies and artwork meant to promote good luck and well-lived days on earth.

Seven of our fourteen students are engaging in activities meant to explore these beliefs about human behavior--beliefs that are more or less current, and which, even so, date back many thousands of years.

Lev, Isobel and Trent are working on a board game that tracks the route to enlightenment in Buddhism. Their game will emphasize the Eightfold Path, Buddha's exhortation that all of us lead a life of meditation and moderation. (Was he the first to say 'Everything in moderation, including moderation'?)

Jianmarco, Aristea and Mike are collaborating on a game whose players follow the (even older) tenets of the Hindu path to enlightenment. This game will engage the key concepts of karma, dharma, reincarnation and the caste system.

Meanwhile, Jonathan is travelling with family in Ireland. On his own, he is creating an illustrated game that tracks the progress of a Celtic peasant from the pre-Christian era toward the afterlife.

These games will be beta-tested during the first week in June and will be open to the public on Monday, June 10th, for our year-end bash. For the preparations underway with our other seven students, please see the next post!

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