Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Voyage to the Center of the Earth

We had a spirited series of explorations in considering two possible destinations for the middle school spring trip. One option was Pictured Rocks, Mackinac Island, and other sites in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The other possibility was Mammoth Cave National Park in western Kentucky, with a likely route that would take us through Louisville, Cincinnati, or both.

After plenty of research, conversation, and mild campaigning, we've decided to head south to Mammoth Cave. We plan to leave at the crack of dawn (or thereabouts) on Wednesday, May 22, and to return around lunchtime on Saturday, May 25. The trip will engage the themes of Ancient Civilizations and Circle of Life in particular. The caves have been used for millennia by earlier residents of Appalachia and the Ohio River Valley.

En route, we have some tentative ideas for adventures in southern Ohio and central Kentucky, both in the natural world and in more urban environments. More information on these as we firm up the plans in the coming days. Many students are clamoring for camping, others for hotel stays; the final plan will likely be a combination of these.

Come by with questions any time. We welcome chaperone support, of course. What could be better than a set of Summers-Knoll adventures in the crucial border state of the Civil War?

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