Thursday, March 28, 2013


A couple of our service projects have taken wing lately.

We have been spending a little time with the kindergarteners every week since the beginning of the school year. In recent days we've had exceptional experiences with some of SK's little ones. First, Dominique Theophilus, a yoga instructor, worked her meditative magic with our kids and Val's. Pictures to follow--just imagine Claude mirroring Taylor, or Denali and Sana back to back, and you'll get some sense of the astronomical cuteness.

Last Friday, Isobel and Aristea led a complex charm-bottle-making activity with Susan Carpenter's first and second graders. They brought freshly scrubbed Izze bottles (outside and in) to Mrs. Carpenter's classroom and led our entire class in helping the younger children fill them up with raw rice and little charms. Then, the older kids labelled the bottoms of the bottles with a list of charms inside, and the little ones spent time turning the clear, corked bottles this way and that, looking for the charms.

Isobel and Aristea are preparing a culinary activity next for the Buddies project. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, in the halls of power . . . . .

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