Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tuesday Exhibitions

This round of Exhibitions, Summers-Knoll's second, kicked off with Jonathan right after lunch and Jianmarco in the late afternoon. This time around, every student had to teach one lesson on a mathematical topic; the other lesson could be on any work undertaken up to this point (though I have veto power over any choice).

Jonathan taught a lesson on Julius Caesar and another on the binary language of mathematics. Some of the attendees struggled with the concepts, until we began working on multiplication and place value exercises. When Jonathan started circulating, working one-on-one with those who requested it, keys began to turn in locks.

Jianmarco showed off his fictional Greek polis, Rhazorn, and then took some weary adults through an activity in which an odd-shaped, cash-strapped art gallery is trying to hire as few guards as it can while still remaining secure. In this case, any room shape needs to be divided into triangles in order to identify the smallest number of observers necessary to see the whole space.

This is sometime called the Untrustworthy Museum Guard exercise, since they need to see each other as well. One person commented that his cats organize themselves in his house according to these principles. Does that mean his cats are not trustworthy?

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