Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Friday Exhibitions

The last day of this round of Exhibitions featured two girls who had never done one before: Lily and Aristea. Both really blew us away, having prepared extensive, active, fun lessons on wildly divergent topics: German vocabulary, finding missing proportions, Egyptian Cinderella, and a mathemagical treasure hunt.

Lily gave a wide variety of activities and information on German. She had us talking, hawking, watching, asking, guessing, reading, counting, adding, and subtracting. It was as impressive a first Exhibition as I've seen. Like other math teachers in this round, she worked effectively with students as a guide, giving us work to do and then circulating to give useful help.

Aristea brought candy and read us fairy tales, but the real genius of her Exhibition was sending groups of kids around the campus, working on problems that required an impressive combination of basic operations, code-breaking, collaboration, and running. Any lesson that has students digging in a sandbox at three o'clock on a Friday afternoon is one that will be remembered for some time.

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